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We fight for fair administration of all taxes, and are prepared to take whatever legal steps are necessary to preserve the constitutional rights of our members. 
Intellectual Property
We stand for preserving the innovative spirit of our members by promoting policies that protect our members from falling victim to trademark and patent trolls, and their baseless infringement claims.
Trade Policy
Free trade isn't always fair trade. We fight for both.
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Membership has its perks.  
Members will soon have access to volume discounts and preferential rates on the products and services most important to our members.  
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In less than one month since the launch of our organization, OMG made sure the voice of our community was heard in the Supreme Court of the United States.  
The outcome of the Wayfair sales tax case currently before the Court could have devastating consequences on our community and its ability to do business online if South Dakota wins.   
That's why it was so important to have our voice heard. 
A tremendous amount of time and effort was volunteered to make sure we didn't miss this extremely important opportunity to tell the Court our story.

But where do we go from here? 
An amicus brief is one thing but volunteering time and effort isn't enough to take legal action.
There is a lot of work that needs to be done to ensure all of us can succeed in ecommerce.
Not just in tax, but IP, trade policy, providing community benefits, and more.
There is a lot we plan to accomplish to help you succeed, but that 
cannot happen without your support.
This is a critical moment for online merchants.  
A test to see if we can truly come together as 
a community

At the Request of Our Members, Your Membership is Confidential
The Online Merchants Guild Will Not Publish or Disclose any Information That Could be Used to Identify its Individual Members

Below are suggested membership contributions. They are only suggested.  You are free to join today, at any level, and joining is the most important thing you can do for your online business and our community of online merchants.  

Please don't assume the other guy or girl will join, they are probably thinking the same thing about you. If you want to have someone who can fight for all of us, instead of everyone fighting it alone, then we all must join today.     

We must accomplish our mission to take a stand for everyone, protecting all of our constitutional rights, but that can only happen if you 
Join Today

Now that you have a better understanding of our immediate priority; to protect you from undue tax burdens, we hope that you are committed to getting involved and joining today! 

BUT! Before you sign up, we ask that you take a moment and consider one more thing.  

Consider what happens when California or any other state contacts you, seeking 8 years of back taxes. 

What about when states start expecting you to file sales tax and income tax returns in every state, city, county, parish...Can your business afford the cost of having to file as many tax returns as Walmart, and the $100,000 + annual accounting fees that you'd have to pay if we do nothing to challenge the states, asserting
Your Constitutional Rights?

 Are you going to hire your own tax attorneys and fight these state behemoths on your own? 

Do you have the same tax litigation budget as companies like

Wouldn't it be better if one organization could step in and fight the states on your behalf

Allowing you access to:
Best tax lawyers 
Representing the entire community 
Common Issue
Fighting for the Rights of Everyone

All at a Fraction of the Cost of you doing it
By Yourself?

Now ask yourself: 
How would your business benefit by having the top tax lawyers in the country fighting for your constitutional rights?

Obviously, everyone's answer will be different, so we wanted our suggested contributions to
reflect those who stand to loose the most, and those who will benefit the most.

 Whatever you decide, we hope your answer to that question, and consideration of what's at stake for you and your business will drive your decision to decide which, tax deductible  contribution level is appropriate for your business.  

It only works if we all do our part. 
Thank you.

Suggested Membership Dues
Just starting
Per Year
  • Annual Revenue Up To $100,000
$100,000 Merchant
Per Year
  • Annual Revenue Up To $500,000
$500,000 Merchant
Per Year
  • Annual Revenue Up To $1mm
$1,000,000 merchant
Per Year
  • Annual Revenue Up To $5mm
$5,000,000 merchant
Per Year
  • Annual Revenue Up To $10mm
$10,000,000 merchant
Per Year
  • Annual Revenue Up To $50mm
$50,000,000 merchant
Per Year
  • Annual Revenue Above $50mm

*Contributions to 501(c)(6) (to which our status is pending) shall be deductible under section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code as an ordinary and necessary business expense, just as any other expense related to your business.  This is not the same as a charitable contribution under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, but for the overwhelming majority of our members, you would get the same benefit under section 162 as you would under 501(c)(3).  Please contact your CPA should you have any concerns.  

**Privacy:  Given obvious concerns about member privacy it is important to note that joining this organization is NOT A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD.  No document will be filed with any government agency, state or federal, indicating that you have joined this organization.   The Online Merchant's Guild will not be creating or disseminating any member directories, email lists or other documentation that contains your personal or business information.  

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